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Aarstiderne in English

From Soil to Stove

Aarstiderne's idea is simple: we pack the season's best organic produce in a box, add recipes written for tasty everyday meals and deliver the box to your front door. The first box from Aarstiderne with the characteristic @-å came into the world in 1999. Today we deliver a wide selection of meal boxes containing ingredients and recipes for 3 or more meals together with our fruit and vegetable boxes.

Today we deliver meal boxes to around 50,000 households in Denmark and 10,000 in Sweden. It's still all about the joy of organic vegetables and tasty meals and Aarstiderne grows, like the seasons, year on year.


We reestablish the close connection between the work of the organic farmer and the work in kitchens - transforming the bounties of the land into meals of honest, nutritious, seasonal and inspiring food.


We believe in quality, creativity, development, growth, transparency and ecology. These shared values shape the foundation of our relationship with customers, with growers and suppliers, with each other and with society. Rooted in these values, we continue to grow and develop.

From Soil to Stove

Every day at Aarstiderne we work to restore the connection from soil to stove. We develop recipes in our country kitchen on Krogerup Avlsgaard in North Zealand. We pack the goods at our farm in Barritskov in Jutland and deliver it all to your front door.